Monsieur Quincampoix (to love is to see the rabbit)

Fred Bocquet

Cousu Mouche
200 pages

Version papier en anglais

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The Book

Norbert dies inconveniently in the prime of life and a bathroom accident. Chance – or something very much like it – brings him back to the cosy apartment he had shared with his (negligently) beloved wife… in the skin of an asthmatic French bulldog called Monsieur Quincampoix. Not easy to remain the alpha when the wife has become the master.
Fred Bocquet has signed here a sprightly first novel, with lively phrases concocted with passion. She signs a series of hilarious portraits, a story of little everyday-things the immediate significance of which we often fail to see.

The Author

Born in a year ending in 6 in a suburb ending in “ieu”, Fred discovered a spirited passion for the written word at a tender age. Her first poem, which eloquently evoked the blithe hops of a little rabbit bounding across a field of thyme – all verses magnified with an undisputable rhythm – was penned when just 7.

Author of three novels (in French), Monsieur Quincampoix (2006), La Ricarde (2012) et La Porte (2014), Fred Bocquet lives in Geneva, in a sanctuary of green destined one day, like each and every one of us, for demolition.


Née une année en 6 dans une bourgade en ieu, Fred a très tôt montré un goût vif pour l’écriture. Son premier poème, qui évoquait avec justesse les bonds allègres d’un petit lapin dans le thym - notez la richesse de la rime -, fut rédigé à l’âge de sept ans. Auteur de trois romans, Monsieur Quincampoix (2006), La Ricarde (2012) et La Porte (2014), Fred Bocquet vit à Genève, dans un ilot de verdure promis, comme nous tous, à la démolition.

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